What we do

We learn and we teach what we learnt

Mentoring 101

Have you ever wondered, what makes successful people successful?

This is a program made for you to learn their secrets, skills, and strategies used by them to get to their goals which made them successful. Learn from their failures, mistakes, and unsuccessful attempts.

Simply, learn from them and find out the strategy used by them and use them as your own!
You could even modify it to your liking and make a strategy that is meant for you.

One to One Sessions

A one on one session is a coaching program made for you, to motivate you to your goal, on a consistent basis. Easily and naturally experience better and consistent admirable progress in all areas of your life.

One to One session with Coach Me


Metaphor Sunday is a fortnightly episode which is aired live on Sunday at 2pm (Nepali time). This show is hosted by one of our Coach, Nabila Banu.

Initially, the purpose of this episode was to talk about the figurative expressions and its understanding among the people. Concentrating on the language we use, while talking, reading or writing. Basically it was all about how we talk metaphorically and what meaning do we get.

Slowly, this show has grown its wings and have started to touch any figurative expression one can use, be it, literary expression or artistic expression.

The format of this show is one to one-talk show where we have a host and a guest who is present to talk about the subject matter. The guest usually is a professional in his/her field and uses figurative expressions or symbolic expressions somehow in their work.

GenZ Talks

Generation gap, is it a real thing?

Understanding the current generation on how they think and their opinions.

We all have a mind map of the way we see the world; it is the internal representation of how we view the world. 

Truly explore how the world looks like in the eyes of the current generation, we call gen z. how different is the way the two-generation think? Is it something we created so that we don’t need to give an effort to understand each other?

Let’s hear them out, naturally figuring out how they think and their opinions.

Join me on Wednesday every week at 5 pm Nepal time (NPT) and unravel the mysteries of the current generation.

Learn and Grow

This program is intended towards, developing and providing you with awesome techniques we have learned throughout our own journey.

Join us on the live sessions, and you may be amazed to find out how much knowledge you can squeeze from these sessions.

Learn and Grow with Coach me