Is coaching for me?

By Vishwesh Sharma

Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching is for people who are ready to invest in themselves. It is for themselves to significantly enhance their lives personally and professionally. It’s for people who desire their pipe dream to become reality. Coaching is for people who are ready to take the first step and take responsibility for their lives and themselves. 

In a typical coaching session, we ask you questions, questions that give you clarity on your goal. 

Many people ask, “if you are just asking me questions, I could do that myself, can’t I?”

There are a lot of things going on which we are not aware of, just because we are not aware of them doesn’t mean it doesn’t control you.

The prefrontal cortex, where change is initiated, tends to become tired really quickly. Automatically, many thoughts are pushed to basal ganglia. Consequently, causing habits settling in that part of the brain and is grueling to get rid of. 

Completely, we are unaware of how many activities we are doing automatically using basal ganglia. Naturally changing these thoughts processes and habits is extremely difficult. With enough attention and focus, we are able to rewire our brains. It is extremely difficult to do it on your own.

if it’s the change you are looking for you might take it but, you won’t take advice which will change you until you allow it to.

Easily a certified coach could help you attain this. Coaches are experts in keeping your mind and body engaged in new thoughts and behavior. Due to the question of the coaching, you create a structure for yourself to follow and reinforce those new circuits in your prefrontal cortex. Eventually changing your thoughts process behavior in a way that assists your vision of an ideal self.

A coach will assist and guide you by helping you clarify the vision you have for yourself. Coaching is a process used to take a person from where he is now to where he wants to be. It provides conversation that allows you to concentrate on the change that you desire to make in life and helps push past the brain’s anti-change signals.

Our brain has an anti-change mechanism that resists change, which dislikes change. How many times have you been given wonderful advice and you have taken it? Most likely if it’s the change you are looking for you might take it but, you won’t take advice which will change you until you allow it to. Even sometimes the change we want is stopped by this part because it sticks to what is familiar. With the use of special NLP techniques, we are able to help you get the change you want. We are not able to install any behavior or advice or anything you don’t want to change without your permission. 

Coaching has no bounds, as long as you have a goal in mind, we are able to help you achieve it, as long as it is realistic and well-defined.